Our Door Knob

Our Door Knob

We live on the 26th floor of a metropolitan high-rise. Its one (and only) outer wall, connecting the bedroom and living room, is a floor-to-ceiling picture window overlooking the city. Day or night, the view is magnificent encompassing the myriad of wonders of the modern world: glittering lights, flashing signs: Crown Casino, The Village Cinema, Big M, DigiQ.com; flowing streams of cars making their way along the freeway, across the bridge, down winding roads, coming to a stop at the lights. Every night on the hour, ferocious balls of fire burst from pillars, which line the boardwalk, and illuminate the sky. Sometimes I awake in the middle of the night, their reflection in our wardrobe mirror is so bright.   Continue reading

So, you’re a Muslim

I am culturally Jewish – a definition that works for me. It allows me to embrace my Israeli identity and practice Jewish traditions, leaving my spiritual beliefs out of the equation. This did not just happen. It has taken me many years of questioning and actively searching for answers to come up with a mechanism, if one can call it that, I am comfortable with. People’s spiritual practices, similar to their sex life, are really no one else’s business, as long as they act responsibly.

Responsibly – this is where the fine line lies. Continue reading

Sexy Shoulders

I used to be  mail-person, some thirty odd years ago. We had just moved to the suburbs and I needed a job. The only catch was I wanted the best of both worlds. As a young mom, I wanted to benefit from what the workforce has to offer, but at the same time I wanted to be home in time to pick up my kids from pre-school. I had been offered a job as a military translator, but it was in Tel Aviv and even part-time meant that I would be out of the house more than I wanted to be and I dreaded the thought and of employing a nanny. Then, one day I went to pick up a package at the post office and saw the notice: “Mailmen needed.” The only question I was asked in the short interview with the postmaster was if I could ride a bike. Continue reading

I-phone, therefore I am!

When I was a little girl, my grandpa told me about the phone of the future; he had seen it at the World’s Fair. With this new phone, he explained to me, the speakers would be able to actually see one another. Fascinated, I used to wonder about this strange and yet amazing contraption, worried what would happen if someone called when you just happened to be naked. Continue reading

Epiphany @59

Robert Fulghum, one of my favorite authors, claims that all he really needs to know he learnt in kindergarten 🙂 I believe that all I really need to know, I have learnt from TV. I am, and always have been, a TV freak. Work or play watching TV is as comforting to me as classical music playing in the background is to others. I actually did all of my studying in front of the TV: from Oprah to the news, from reruns of I Love Lucy, detective series to dramas and documentaries – anything goes. Continue reading

For Sale

Many years ago we put our apartment up for sale.  After living in it for less than a year, we were pretty much fed up with it. Having made a down payment on a bargain we had stumbled upon (and bubbling with creative ideas how to transform it into our dream home), we were anxious to get our matchbox on the market hoping for a quick sale to be out and on our way as soon as possible. Continue reading

Don’t expose!

This is an old story – a very old story. Don’t know why, but recently it keeps popping up, whispering in the back of my mind, “Me! Me! Me! Tell me!” Perhaps it’s the time of year.

So, deep breath.

Many many years ago one of my greatest fears was driving. Despite the fact that I passed my first driving test (which can be seen as an indication that I acquired the necessary skills and a bit of confidence); despite the fact that I had never been involved in an accident directly or indirectly – I was petrified. The mere idea of getting behind the wheel for even a short drive around the block, was more than I could handle. Continue reading