Best Advice to Teens and Tweens

The word-cloud below is an initial visual representation of the sixty-one responses I received from participants from across the globe in answer to my question:

In one sentence, what is the best advice you can give today’s teens and tweens before they “officially enter the adult world? 

(to be continued …)

2 thoughts on “Best Advice to Teens and Tweens

  1. You do not yet have the experience to avoid many bad choices. Your bad choices will gain you that valuable experience in life, provided you are willing to learn from your mistakes instead of cursing the world, or worse, cursing yourself. Don’t beat yourself around the head, instead be your own best friend and let your inner kindness counsel and comfort you. Your choices can change the world, but more importantly they will change you. Choose to be what you want to be, act accordingly. There is a magic in the world, you live it every day, and you create it every day. Give a little joy; some of it will come back to you. When you feel depressed so that you cannot raise yourself up: instead of moping, reach out to another sufferer, there are always sufferers, make an effort to help them. Helping others is also helping yourself, for we are all One, despite our differences. We evolved variously from the one life force long ago, we often forget that we should join and meet difficulties together instead of alone. If you don’t have, but want an ‘ideal’ family, either the one that you are already in, or the one that you will make: it is you who has to help make it so, being an important part of it. Everything worth anything is worth the effort made to reach it or create it.

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