About Judy Yaron PhD

Over thirty years in Education has taken me across the globe from urban classrooms to remote communities. Working with learners (all ages), trainees, tutors, teachers, trainers, material writers, administrators and parents from all walks of life has enhanced my knowledge, understanding and sensitivity how people learn, particularly when learning doesn't come easy and resources are scarce. As a teacher, trainer and instructional designer, it has always been my obsession to find ways to turn challenging subject matter into digestible chunks of learning, making learning simple, meaningful and fun. This is what I know. This is what I love. So, tell me what YOU want to teach/to train/to share and I will work with you to find the most effective way to transform YOUR expertise into meaningful content, engaging materials and effective delivery channels that your clients will love and come back begging for more. HUGS

Don’t expose!

This is an old story – a very old story. Don’t know why, but recently it keeps popping up, whispering in the back of my mind, “Me! Me! Me! Tell me!” Perhaps it’s the time of year.

So, deep breath.

Many many years ago one of my greatest fears was driving. Despite the fact that I passed my first driving test (which can be seen as an indication that I acquired the necessary skills and a bit of confidence); despite the fact that I had never been involved in an accident directly or indirectly – I was petrified. The mere idea of getting behind the wheel for even a short drive around the block, was more than I could handle. Continue reading

Best Advice to Teens and Tweens

The word-cloud below is an initial visual representation of the sixty-one responses I received from participants from across the globe in answer to my question:

In one sentence, what is the best advice you can give today’s teens and tweens before they “officially enter the adult world? 

(to be continued …)

Just Love Them

I just walked in when the phone rang. It was one of my teachers. Hysterical. “I can’t take it any more!” she screamed, “They are driving me up the wall! They are not students. They are not even human. They are monsters. A group of spoilt brats, who don’t want to learn anything. They are up! They are down! In the classroom and out again. Totally uncontrollable. Not what I bargained for! Not going back there. NEVER AGAIN!”  Continue reading

Fact or Opinion?

The fact that different people have different opinions I can readily accept. What I have difficulty with is when people express their opinions disguised as facts. I recently read in one LINKEDIN discussion group that ” It is a fact that Women prefer working for Men if the men are decent men, it is the natural order of things …” and in another that since women are biologically constrained, they are less likely to become world leaders. The latter cleverly triggering hundreds of outrageous responses from both genders. But, I am not here to whinge or share with you my pet peeves. When I began this blog I declared (at least to myself) that I would try to be humble and accept my humanness and that of others with compassion and hopefully I would spread a few smiles on the way. Continue reading

Life Experiences in One Word

This word cloud is made up of 886 responses posted in a LINKEDIN Leadership Think Tank discussion: “Please express your life experience in one word,” over a period of four months. The discussion was initiated and facilitated by Bal Krishna.

Please NOTE: words belonging to the same family sharing similar meanings were united; words in languages other than English were included after verifying their meaning (and spelling); spelling mistakes were corrected 🙂

On the Fringe

I am a fringe person. Always have been. Ever since I can remember I have had a fringe. Don’t know myself without one. One day my daughter , a grown woman and mother of three, confided how as a little girl she always dreamed of being fringeless so that she could flip her hair back away her forehead …  Continue reading