Fact or Opinion?

The fact that different people have different opinions I can readily accept. What I have difficulty with is when people express their opinions disguised as facts. I recently read in one LINKEDIN discussion group that ” It is a fact that Women prefer working for Men if the men are decent men, it is the natural order of things …” and in another that since women are biologically constrained, they are less likely to become world leaders. The latter cleverly triggering hundreds of outrageous responses from both genders. But, I am not here to whinge or share with you my pet peeves. When I began this blog I declared (at least to myself) that I would try to be humble and accept my humanness and that of others with compassion and hopefully I would spread a few smiles on the way. Continue reading

On the Fringe

I am a fringe person. Always have been. Ever since I can remember I have had a fringe. Don’t know myself without one. One day my daughter , a grown woman and mother of three, confided how as a little girl she always dreamed of being fringeless so that she could flip her hair back away her forehead …  Continue reading